FM Diversion Board of Authority

The Diversion Authority is led by 13 board members from stakeholder entities.



Flood planning begins

Numerous city and county organizations begin meeting to find permanent solutions to the threat of flooding facing Fargo, Moorhead and surrounding communities. 


Limited JPA adopted

The group agreed to adopt a limited agreement that would outline how they worked together on flood protection efforts. The intent of this limited agreement was to guide the group until the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers executed a Project Partnership Agreement (PPA).


Full JPA adopted

Before the PPA was formally signed, suggested changes to the JPA were incorporated and a full JPA was signed by the participating parties. This continues to be the governing document that guides the FM Diversion Board of Authority. It also officially creates the entity that partners with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the FM Area Diversion Project. 

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Public Outreach Committee

The Public Outreach Committee oversees educational efforts, outreach materials and communication guidelines.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the budget, contract actions and financial components of the Project.

Land Management Committee

The Land Management Committee oversees land and property rights acquisition as well as management of parcels.

Agriculture Policy SubCommittee

The Agriculture Policy Subcommittee first met in 2012. The group focuses on agriculture-related issues and the Project.